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A few comments from our users, received via eMail:

"We are enjoying your program and the boys are finally realizing that money is not cranked out of a printing machine in the basement and are firing up Family Bank to check the reserves... How cool is that!"
- Kelley Rider

"Family Bank has become such a positive part of our lives.  We are no longer burdened with IOU slips all over the place and our kids (ages 8 & 12) always know how much money they have.  More importantly, our children have learned so much about banking, saving, and loans that they otherwise wouldn't have learned at this age.  (They don't teach this stuff in school!!)  I highly recommend this program to any family looking for a simple yet comprehensive allowance system and interested in teaching their kids the value of money!!" - Barbara McLeod

"I have tried just about every thing I could think of to make allowances work for my kids and failed at each and every one of them.  I don't remember how or where I got turned on to this software, but it is a simple and very workable plan." - Peter Roth

"This version of Family Bank is stellar!!! This is very, very cool, you have made some amazing additions and changes."

"My kids love it! I'm glad it keeps track of the allowance because I don't do a good job of it myself!"

"I am really enjoying the program... I don't think I realized how often I would reach into my pocket for a few extra bucks for a movie or ice cream. Now I make a point of playing by the rules that we established."

"I think it is the most valuable teaching program, if not simply program, that I have ever come across. I plan to present it to the local foster parent association for use with these children." - Scott Stitham

"This program really helps my son understand how money is earned, how to spend wisely and how to save. Family Bank is the best thing next to sliced bread!"

"We've been using the software about 2 months now -- it is easy to use. What I especially like is that it keeps up with the actual moving of money into my son's account. He likes to watch his balances grow."

"I have been using Family Bank for about 6 months now. I have twin boys age 9. We have tried Computer Parent and Chores and Rewards before but like this better. The former programs were very much a hassle since the kids had to fill out their chore charts. That was a bigger chore than the ones assigned. Family Bank is pretty much automatic. You only have to get kids to write checks for their purchases."

"Bailey looks forward to every friday when her allowance gets paid.  We live on a golf course and she has looked for golf balls, cleaned them, and sold them to golfers to get more money to put in family bank.  She has grasped the concept of interest very guickly and very rarely withdraws from her account.  Family Bank was a good investment for me and for my daughter."

"The kids love family bank because it gives them the chance to make a small part of the computer theirs by changing their "bank" to look the way they want . . . it is teaching the kids the value of money. Thank you family bank!!"

"We've used the program for two months.  All three of my children (ages 12, 9, and 8) use the program and each one has adjusted to it according to their age, ability and interest in what it does.  Family Bank is an excellent program.  It can be extremely detailed or very simple.  The best feature of Family Bank is that it has provided us with the opportunity to talk with our children about money and then show them how it can work for them."

"The Family Bank program allows the parent to lay responsibility for the child’s money squarely on the child’s shoulders, which is where it should be!!! We no longer have to be the bad guys when our kids want things. All we have to do is ask if they have their money or not!"

"Thank you so much for your time and concern. Your customer service is excellent." - Randy Mader

"Family Bank was a perfect fit for my family. Most of the applications I found were either too simple, such as ones which just dolled out an allowance once a week. Some were far too difficult and the interface was not made with children in mind at all. Family Bank is the best of both worlds. It allows me to set up simple accounts for my young children, and more complex accounts for my older children. As the children grow, they are able to use advanced features in the package.  The lessons they are learning about financial responsibility are priceless. They deal with very adult issues in real world ways that a child can not only understand, but implement on their own.

My favorite story so far comes from some of the basic features. One of my children had been saving for quite a while to buy herself an electric guitar and amplifier. As she was nearing her goal, she ran up a bill which emptied her savings account as well as her checking account, but still fell short of paying the bill. Here she got a lesson on how quickly bad decisions can cause your very real financial problems.

She had no idea what she was going to do. Then I offered her a loan. We worked out the details of the loan and entered it in Family Bank. I have never seen a child work harder to earn money than she did. Every time she made a payment toward the loan she saw the numbers going down, plus a statement which told her how much money she had saved in interest by making that payment. Quite a motivator.

She has since paid back the loan, and with the same fervor, she not only saved up not only enough to buy her guitar and amp (which she loves), she is well on her way to having saved enough to buy herself another, but this time bass guitar. These are goals she may never have met and lessons she would have ultimately learned, but how much better is it that she learned these while under the protection of a loving home than by ruthless collection agents. I expect that she still has many lessons to learn, but this one was one which will have a lasting impact.

I am sure you know you are doing something good, and I am sure you know that people like your product. I just wonder if you know that you actually have a direct and positive impact on children. You should be proud. So, here is another suggestion. How about a success story page on your web site. That could be a great sales tool. It would allow people to realize that they are making an investment in their children's education and future, not just buying software." Stephen J Fricke

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