Family Bank Tour

The following topics are illustrated using Shockwave video clips.  If you don't already have the plug-in to play these clips, you'll be prompted to install it when you click on one of the topics below.

An Introduction to Family Bank

What does this program do?  - View this short video first.  It answers the big questions: What is the purpose of the program?  How does it work?  What can it do for my family?

Overview - Just the Basics

The Kid's Eye View - What your child sees

Part 1 - Checks and Balances - A look at the basics of writing a check and making a deposit and at the basic rules that make Family Bank work.

Part 2 - Payday!! - Every kid's favorite day . . . ALLOWANCE DAY! - Of course, with Family Bank, some money goes to Savings, some to charity, and loans get repaid automatically.

Part 3 - On the Record - Here's a look at the Registers, Statements and Graphs that show you and your kids exactly 'Where the money went'.

The Parent's Perspective - Here's an examination of how you help your child learn to live within a budget

Part 1 - Setting up a basic Allowance - A tutorial on setting up very basic checking and savings accounts for your children.

Part 2 - Savings Account Details - A little more detail on the ins and outs of Savings Accounts . . . how to set them up, use them to teach valuable lessons about compounding interest and avoid paying a fortune in interest to your kids

Part 3 - Reserve Account Details - These special purpose checking accounts are easy to set up and administer . . . they can also be very flexible.  They are great for everything from 'Holiday Gift Club' accounts for the younger set, to Clothing Budgets for your older kids.

Part 4 - It's all in the Budget! - Family Bank allows you to build a Budget for a child of any age. These are especially valuable for older kids.  A child's first experience with a real budget can be a little bit shocking, as they realize just how much things cost over the course of a year.

Part 5 - Chores for Rewards - The program supports a list of chores, but avoids the 'kids for hire' mentality of other systems. Give this topic some serious thought . . . this is the area of allowance programs that is most disputed by the experts.  We chose the middle path and make the entire subject easier to deal with.

Part 6 - Loans and Payments - Every child needs to learn about loans, interest, indebtedness and responsible repayment.

Part 7 - Managing Income and Expense Accounts - Family Bank comes with a default set of income and expense categories. Creating new ones, or deleting ones your child no longer uses is easy. This program is designed to change with your child's needs.

Part 8 - Kids Need Cash! - This is a MUST SEE video!  The program helps younger children develop good record keeping habits as they manage their cash . . . older children are more independent but still need monitoring and encouragement.  Family Bank can be modified to work well for any age child.


Special Features - Extra goodies for you and your kids

Here it is in Living Color! - Each child can set their bank account to any color combinations they want.  Got a favorite sports team?  Like Barbie Pink and Purple?  Kids create their own custom look.

Open Your Own Bank! - You can modify the program by changing it's name and making the log on screen as fancy as you wish.  Add text, messages, pictures . . . it's easy to do and the results are outstanding!

One Good Thought Deserves Another!- Every time your child signs on, the first thing seen is a 'Thought of the Day'.  You can revise this file, or create your own.

Additional features and functions are added to the allowance program regularly.  We appreciate your suggestions and will implement those that meet these criteria:

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