UPDATE to Version 5.3.0
Download the latest updates to your allowance program

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  • If you are using the allowance program, close it NOW.

  • Click on the folder below to begin your update.

  • IE Users:This install version is a self-extracting file. You'll have the option to 'Open' or 'Save' the file. It's easiest to select 'Open' and then confirm the installation.

  • Netscape and Mozilla/Foxfire Users: Select 'Save'. This will copy the update to your local disk. After the download, double click the file to complete the upgrade

Preparing File . . . size is 1247065 bytes

Click the folder to begin the Update


IF YOUR UPDATE IS NOT SUCCESSFUL - Your browser settings, or your service provider, may not allow you to update your allowance program using the internet. If you are unsuccessful using this page then CLICK HERE and we will send you the Update and instructions via eMail.

IF YOU USE AN INTERNET MAIL SYSTEM - like Yahoo or Hotmail, then send an eMail requesting the update to: