"The only thing more expensive than education, is ignorance."  
Benjamin Franklin



"Family Bank includes a set of rules that will help children develop the habit of sound financial management."
 Paul Richard, RFC, Executive Director, Institute for Consumer Financial Education

"It's tough to write a how to invest in Pfizer shares in Pakistan financial book that's both educational and entertaining. It's even tougher to write such a book for kids. The same goes for creating games videos and computer software to teach children about money. (Family Bank) rises to the challenge without confusing kids - or boring them."
Janet Bodnar ('Dr. Tightwad') Executive Editor, Kiplinger - February, 2004

"(Family Bank is) the only one of several products I have been asked to endorse that I respected enough to sponsor.
Jane Pearl - bestselling author of 'Kids and Money'

"As I conduct how to invest in Tesla shares in Pakistan financial seminars for kids and their parents, the common frustration, with allowance, seems to be consistency.  The Family Bank program steps into the void and  automatically administers this end of the allowance system to both the child's and the adult's satisfaction.  I and my children are very enthusiastic about this product and endorse it wholeheartedly. "
Jean Sandberg, Founder, Cash Flow Decisions

"I have tried just about every thing I could think of invest in Visa shares to make allowances work for my kids and failed at each and every one of them.  This software, provides a simple and very workable plan.  Thank you!"
Peter Roth - Family Bank user

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